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At All Size Sheds, our team are proud to offer Gold Coasters with an affordable range of storage solutions from our family owned and operated Currumbin Waters facility.

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All Size Sheds, Currumbin

Our commitment is to provide you with a secure storage space, at a price which provides you with a safe, secure storage solution at a price which suites your budget. All Size Sheds have various Roller-door and shipping container options for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking to store goods during a renovation, while you move, travel, or on a more permanent basis, All Size Sheds have an option to suite your needs.

With 24-hour camera surveillance and access to the facility 7 days a week between 6:00am & 6:00pm, All Size Sheds provide you with the ability to access your possessions and storage unit when you need them, along with the comfort that our precinct is monitored around the clock.
For more information, email or phone the office on 07 55347181 or 0499 206 114

*It is important to note that it is the owner’s responsibility to insure their goods prior to storing them with All Size Sheds.

All Size Sheds Front Entrance

Our 2 locations in Currumbin, Gold Coast

8-10 Queensbury Avenue, Currumbin
07 5534 7181

26 Wheeler Crescent, Currumbin
0499 206 114

Self storage

If you are looking for a safe, secure and clean storage space option on the Gold Coast then you need to check out Currumbin’s All Size Sheds.

Shipping containers

The superior flexibility of shipping containers is central to their popularity as modern storage solutions.

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Storage cartons, boxes, locks and packing materials

All Size Sheds hold a range of storage boxes, cartons, packing materials, tapes and locks in our Currumbin Waters site office designed to assist you with packing and storing your possessions, safely and securely.

We have available the following for purchase:

  • Padlocks
  • Packing boxes in a variety of sizes
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping butchers paper

If you would like to purchase packing goods, please email or call the office for assistance with quantities and prices.

For more information, email or phone the office on 07 55347181 or 0499 206 114

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We offer multiple self storage options for storing your property with All Size Sheds.

From the name it is apparent that we offer a series of storage units to cater for the amount of possessions you wish to put in storage. This ensures you get what you pay for and are not shelling out your money for more space than you need.

Another popular storage option is the use of shipping containers. Their increasing popularity comes for their value for money and the fact that they have several ways in which they can be utilised to maximise convenience.

All of our storage sheds and shipping containers are maintained to a very high standard and fumigated regularly to ensure the safety of your materials. They are padlocked and monitored by security cameras around the clock to offer the best in self storage security available.

For more information on storage solutions contact All Size Sheds today on 0499 206 114.

We are in Currumbin on the Gold Coast.

How to get the most out of your packing boxes

It is important to ensure your cartons and boxes are filled to capacity. Half-filled boxes are prone to collapse and could result in your possessions being damaged.

When packing bulky items such as tools, books, and other heavy household possessions, pack them in smaller cartons so they are easier to lift. Make sure you bend your knees when lifting heavier items.

Take time to clearly label your boxes and make sure you pack and label them room by room and on all 4 sides of the box. Trust us, it will make things much easier when you are unpacking or looking for that crucial item down the track.

You can’t store that!


If you have any questions, please contact the All Size Sheds team on

Items which you cannot store:

Hazardous goods including poisons and chemicals

Illegal or stolen goods

Flammable or explosive goods

Environmentally harmful items

Perishable goods

Storage tips and prohibited goods

All Size Sheds have created a list of tips designed to ensure you maximise your storage area, while protecting your valuable and treasured possessions.

Take care of your appliances:

Storing Fridges, freezers, and other white goods? Make sure you have thoroughly dried them prior to moving them into your storage unit. Make sure they are standing upright with the door slightly ajar.

*Do not fill your whitegoods with other items.

Cutlery, glasses, and fragile items:

It’s worth taking additional precautions when packing fragile items such as glass wear, ceramic plates other easy to break items. Place a layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of your carton and at the top prior to sealing the carton.

  • Wrap each item individually in packing paper.
  • Fill all vacant spaces with shredded or scrunched up packing paper.
  • Label the cartons with “fragile” tape and clearly mark all 4 sides of the carton.
  • Do not stack heavy items on top of these cartons.

Mirrors and paintings:

  •  Protect these items by packing with bubble wrap or in a flat pack carton
  • Store these items in an upright position (don’t lie them flat while in storage)

Mattresses, chairs, couches & cushions:

  • Make sure you vacuum and clean your items prior to storing them.
  • Do not store your items if they are wet or damp.
  • We recommend placing old sheets over each item when entering them into storage to reduce the chance of condensation, mould or mildew.

Tables and chairs:

  • It’s a common sense one, however, make sure you stack chairs on top of each and store tables standing up on their end to save space.

Mowers, whipper-snippers & machinery:

  • Make sure you give your items a thorough clean prior to entering them into storage.
  • This includes removing all fuel and oil from each machine.
  • Make sure all machines are placed on top of a large piece of cardboard or matting to ensure any leakages are captured.

Small electrical items:

  •  Take care of these items during packing to ensure they again serve you well when unpacked.
  • Wrap items in bubble wrap and pack into cartons, ensuring all components are wrapped together. *Cords etc.
  • Seal the top of the cartons and fill any gaps with shredded paper of packing paper.


  • Make sure you have removed batteries from all battery-operated devises as the batteries may leak over time.

Computers & LCD TV’s:

If you are super organised and have the original boxes for your computers, televisions, and monitors, we strongly advise that these are used during the storage of these items. If not, make sure the items are wrapped in bubble wrap and stored securely and left upright & free standing. (don’t pack anything on top of them)

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