5 Useful Tips For Storing Electronics In Self Storage
March 5, 2018

5 Useful Tips For Storing Electronics In Self Storage

The age of technology is well and truly upon us, which is a source of great excitement for many! As new items of technology come out faster than ever, almost all of us are replacing our older models regularly. Whether it’s an old TV, or a dated computer, our electronics are finding their way into storage more and more. And self storage is the perfect place for them; some electronics may not be the latest and greatest, but they are still useful from time to time. That’s why it’s important to store them correctly.

#1 Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines when storing electronics

The first step to storing electronics is also the easiest: check the label and manufacturer’s guidelines. There, you will probably find some great and very important information on how to store individual electronic items. This also gives you a bit of wiggle room if something goes wrong while your electronics are in storage. If you have stored your electronics according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you may be able to get a refund if any damage occurs.

#2 Heat is one of the biggest damaging factors in storing electronics

When you read the producer’s guidelines, you may notice that heat features pretty heavily. That’s simply because heat and electronics don’t mix so well. If you are storing your electronics somewhere that has no climate control, they may sustain heat-related damage. That means that storing your goods in a well maintained and well operated self storage unit is vital. We recommend visiting a prospective unit during the heat of the day, before you store your electronics there. This will give you an idea of just how hot it gets, and whether or not it is suitable for your electronics.

#3 Cold weather can also be problematic when you’re storing electronics – it’s important to find a balance

Heat isn’t the only thing to look out for. Sometimes, cold weather can cause trouble too. Admittedly, this is not as common as heat-related issues. But sometimes, if there is a reasonable change in temperature from cool to warm, condensation can form inside your electronics. It may only be a minute amount, but over time it can take its toll. Luckily, this isn’t likely to be an issue in Queensland – but it’s something worth considering nevertheless!

#4 When you’re storing electronics, carefully bundle wires and power cords together and label them

Have you ever tried to store a heap of electronic devices in a cardboard box? If you have, you’re probably familiar with the terrible tangle that typically follows. Storing electronics with power cords takes a bit of extra attention. We recommend bundling the cords individually, and labelling them. This will allow you to maintain a neat, accessible, and orderly collection of electronics. That means that when you need to access spare cables, it won’t feel like you’re stealing from a bird’s nest!

#5 If you’re storing electronics with internal fittings, be sure to take them out prior to storage

Printers, DVD players, and computers all have different internal fittings. For printers, it is the ink cartridge; for DVD players, it is DVDs; and for computers, it is hard drives. We recommend taking these out of your electronics before you store them. Ink cartridges can leak and cause damage to your printer, and the things around it. DVDs can get stuck in your DVD player if you leave it for a long time. And then there’s the hard drive of your computer; hard drives often contain your personal information and it’s a good idea to keep them nice and secure. Don’t worry though – these steps are all pretty easy and they will help your electronics remain in great condition, well into the future!

If you need more useful tips for storing electronics, why not get in touch with the experts? Contact All Size Sheds today!

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