6 Expert Tips For Storing Art
October 23, 2019

tips for storing art

Art is delicate. It can also be expensive, sentimental, and ultimately irreplaceable. Those factors combine to make storing art a daunting task for anyone. But it doesn’t have to be. Like anything, storing art is easy if you know what you’re doing. And we’re here to help with that! Here are our tips for storing art like an expert.

Wrap or don’t wrap? Here’s the tip you need to work out whether to wrap your art when storing it

It’s a common misconception that art should be wrapped tightly in plastic. Of course, that’s true in some circumstances. But in others, it’s the worst thing you could do. How do you tell when to wrap, and when to leave it? Generally, we look at conditions. If you’re in a humid area, wrapping canvas art in plastic isn’t always a good idea.

Doing so can catch humidity under the plastic, and allow mould to thrive. Usually, it’s best to store art works in a climate-controlled space with good ventilation. To prevent fading, you can use soft cotton storage blankets to gently cover framed pieces.

Tips for storing art depend on the type of art you’re storing – here’s what you need to know

There are so many varieties of art, it can be hard to give a one size fits all tip for storage. There’s framed works, unframed works, canvas, board, sculptures, timber, and much more. Then there’s the paints! Each variety has its own requirements, and it’s important to acquaint yourself with those requirements before storing your art. Our advice is to take a three step approach. First, ask yourself what sort of art are you storing; is it a painting?

If it’s a painting, ask yourself what the base produce is; is it canvas, board, paper, or something else? Finally, ask yourself what sort of paint is used; is it acrylic, water based, or something else? When you have that information, you can make an informed decision on the storage steps you have to take.

Storing unframed art? Here’s a tip to keep your piece in perfect condition

Not all art is framed. Sometimes, you may need to store unframed works. That can present its own challenges, and the approach you take will need to be different. If you’re storing unframed works, we recommend using a specialised silicone sheet to cover the surface of your art work. That will prevent it sticking to things, or being abraded or faded by environmental factors. Always seek an expert’s advice before you do so, though!

Environment is everything – here’s a tip for storing art in warm, humid conditions

No matter how well you prepare your art, storing in a poor environment will cause damage. It is absolutely essential that you find a secure, dry, cool, and climate controlled environment. And more importantly still, make sure your art is stored out of direct sunlight! Generally, the best place to store art – outside a museum or gallery – is a storage unit maintained by a reputable provider.

Documentation is important too – keep detailed notes of your art’s condition, before storing it

To safeguard against accidental loss or damage, make sure you keep detailed records of how your art is stored, and its condition at the time of storage. We recommend taking photos, and keeping a storage journal for your art. Check it regularly, too, to ensure that it’s standing the conditions well.

Finally, if you’re storing art in a storage unit, make sure to seek help from a provider you trust

Finally, make sure the storage unit you choose is run by a trustworthy business. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re deciding who to choose. If you’ve got any questions to begin with, ask the experts! Storing art is a great way to get space back around your house, and it shouldn’t have to be stressful.

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