6 Expert Tips to Help Organise Your Home Office
September 13, 2019

Home offices are the centre of home organisation. Or at least, they should be! Too often, our home offices are actually the centre of home clutter. They seem to collect all sorts of bits and pieces, most of which simply needn’t be there. But getting rid of it is easier said than done. When it comes to the war on clutter, home offices are the front line. Sometimes, it feels like a losing battle. However, with a few simple tips, your home office can transform into the organised haven it should be. Here’s how.

Get rid of the home office clutter: opt for self storage to get your home office in order

First thing’s first: the clutter has to go. Be ruthless; there’s no place for sentimentality when you’re fighting clutter. If it doesn’t have an immediate use, it has to go. But that’s not to say is should go straight to the bin. Some things are important, even though they’re not immediately useful. Our advice: send them to a self storage unit. Self storage is the proving ground for clutter. You can send it there, and reclaim living space. If it doesn’t have a use in the next few months, you can reassess whether you need it at all.

Filing cabinets: they’re good for more than just security in your home office!

Filing cabinets aren’t always the most appealing item of home furniture. Often, they look like a safe on wheels. But that’s improving. Filing cabinets are slowly catching up to the rest of the furniture design world. That means there are some reasonable units getting around. And when it comes to home office storage, nothing beats a filing cabinet!

A good desk is one of the most important features of any home office – here’s why

Any home office is incomplete without a desk. But not just any desk will do. You need a good desk for your home office. Good desks are conducive to two things: productivity, and organisation. If you’ve got a visually appealing, and spacious desk in your home office, the work will more or less get itself done. But if you’re spending all your time just trying to find space for your laptop, it’ll be slow going.

Stationery shelves: paper and other bits and pieces are the biggest barrier to home office tidiness!

Speaking of space, what keeps filling it in your home office? If we had to guess, we would go with stationery! Stationery is ubiquitous in home offices; it’s all-encompassing. Wherever you look, there seems to be some item of stationery occupying more space than it needs to. So take charge; get a stationary shelf system, and gather all those little bits and pieces into the one spot.

A few spare cups can help get your home office in order – here’s how

Of course, you needn’t put all your stationery into shelves. Some of it – such as pens and pencils – will come into frequent use. For those, you need some sort of on-desk storage solution, to keep them neat but readily accessible. Achieving that can be as simple as taking a few old teacups, and filling them with pens. They look good, and they’re ready for action!

Old office chairs and items of furniture need to go from your home office, but it doesn’t have to be permanent

Finally, let’s not overlook the big-ticket items: old chairs, unused furniture, and cabinets you simply don’t need. They take up a significant amount of space, and they’re not paying their way. That means it’s off to self storage for them! In self storage, you can get them out of the way, but keep them until they come in handy. Larger items are often expensive, and it would be a shame to send them to landfill.

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