6 Expert Tips To Help With Decluttering Your Home!
November 7, 2017

6 Expert Tips to Help With Decluttering your Home!

The holidays are looming large, with Christmas around the corner. That means two things: lots of people and lots of stuff! As your Christmas presents, friends, and relatives all arrive at the same time, a cluttered home just won’t work. So how do you go about successfully decluttering your home? Well, there’s no easy way, but there is the right way! And we have listed six tips for decluttering your home below.

Time to throw away your old things? Get a friend in to speed up the process

To make way for an influx of gifts, you’re going to need to clear some space. Most of the time, this means discarding or donating! But it’s never that easy. Old toys, clothes, bits and pieces often have some degree of nostalgia attached to them. This is distracting – we know! How can you overcome it? Bring in someone who doesn’t know the backstory. It sounds harsh, but a friend or relative might be able to help you overcome the sentimentality and get down to business. Time to call in an old favour!

Paperwork strewn across the kitchen bench? There are some great filing cabinets on the market!

Our worlds are built on paperwork! So there’s no doubt that you have plenty. However unlike a lot of your belongings, some paperwork has to stay. Things like medical records, business information and banking details all contain vital information. You can’t just throw them out. So what can you do? File them! There are some very funky filing cabinets getting around today. By getting one, you can control your paperwork and keep it secure. It’s a win-win!

Decluttering your home for Christmas? Boxes beat baskets!

As the festive season rolls in, a lot of homeowners turn their minds to decorations. If you have found yourself in this boat, a trip to the homewares store probably means lots of fun Christmas purchases! But when it comes to storage, you have to think long term. And a lot of the time, those cool Christmas baskets just won’t cut it. Instead, you should look for boxes and cabinets. These all stack and offer you much better space maximisation!

Decluttering your home is about finding the right storage solutions, so consider labelling yours!

As you’re decluttering your home, one question will probably arise: how did this happen? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Clutter can get the better of everyone. To defeat it, you need to look to the future! If you get a label maker, you can clearly indicate where everything goes. So when you’re next in a rush, just look to the label! The smallest things can make the biggest differences when it comes to decluttering your home.

Decluttering your home always means a trip to the homewares store!

Creative solutions are always welcome when decluttering your home. And where better to find some inspiration than the homewares store? There are only so many decluttering tips we can list here – to see them all, you have to go looking! The homewares store probably has storage solutions that you haven’t thought of before. And they could make the difference!

Finally, decluttering your home sometimes means getting a storage unit

Decluttering your home can sometimes hit a wall. If you simply have too much stuff to get rid of, you need a plan B. Luckily, plan B is often the easy way: get a storage unit! Self storage is one of the best ways to declutter your home. For a small fee, you can get an entirely new space for your belongings. The best part: they will be safe, secure, and accessible!

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