A Guide to Self Storage Packing Supplies
January 17, 2019

A Guide to Self Storage Packing Supplies

Getting your goods into self storage is relieving to say the least. Self storage is undoubtedly the most effective way to recover space around your house. But there’s an art to all storage, and self storage is no different. The art of packing is founded on a stable supply of packing equipment. If you have all the necessary packing supplies, you can make the most of your self storage space, and get more bang for your buck. So here’s our list of self storage packing essentials!

Bubble wrap is a vital packing supply for self storage, and it has more uses that you may realise

Everyone loves bubble wrap – it offers a sort of satisfaction that no one can grow out of. But the satisfaction of popping those little bubbles pales in comparison to the satisfaction of a well packed storage unit. And achieving that is easy with bubble wrap! Bubble wrap covers the obvious, like fragile crockery. However it is also useful for packing sturdier things like furniture. Sure, your timber furniture is unlikely to break during the storage process. But it is still susceptible to damage. Covering exposed timber with bubble wrap will protect your furniture while it’s in transit. In turn, that will make your storage experience much more satisfying.

Self storage packing won’t get far without a good supply of boxes!

It’s the obvious contender, but it warrants a mention nonetheless: the most essential packing supply is boxes! Boxes are available from most packing specialists, and with a healthy range of sizes your packing will be easy. But before you go out and stock up on boxes, we recommend deciding what will go where. If you divide your belongings by category, you’ll be able to pack and unpack them easily. You’ll also be able to determine what size of box you require. That can even save you some money in the end – accurate sizing means avoiding paying extra for surplus space.

Tape can be a handful – we recommend adding a dispenser to your self storage packing supplies

Packing tape is one of the annoying necessities of self storage packing supplies. It sticks to just about everything, including itself, which makes managing it frustrating at times. Fortunately, there is a simple saviour: the humble packing tape dispenser. Commonly found in warehouses across the world, these contraptions – in their glorious simplicity – are just as well-suited to domestic uses. So save yourself the frustration of wayward tape – add a packing dispenser to your self storage packing supplies.

A good drop sheet is a commonly overlooked self storage supply – here’s how to use it for packing

Drop sheets aren’t on the top of most peoples’ packing lists. But they have their uses – and it’s probably not what you think. In self storage applications, drop sheets don’t go under your belongings. Instead, they go over them. The reason for this is simple: cotton drop sheets offer breathable protection from dust. Rather than suffocating timbers, cottons, and leathers with plastic sheets, you can offer the same protection without the drawback of mildew.

A portable clothes rack is a vital packing supply if your putting clothes into self storage

Leaving clothes folded for long periods of time is not always ideal. So if you’ve got a long haul in self storage planned for you clothes, we recommend a portable clothes rack. These are a great packing supply; they get your clothes out of the stifling boxes and into the fresh air. Coupled with good pest protections, a clothes rack will keep your clothes in good nick for as long as you need it to. That’s why it always features on our list of essential self storage packing supplies.

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