Five Signs that you Need to Rent a Storage Unit
August 4, 2017

Five Signs that you Need to Rent a Storage Unit

Self storage units are a fantastic and pragmatic solution to home storage problems. In fact, they are so effective that even business owners are utilising their benefits. But for some reason, a lot of people try to avoid getting a storage unit. Some might feel as though they don’t have the time, while others simply aren’t aware of the advantages. To help you recognise when the time has come to rent a self storage unit, we have compiled a list of five signs. If they seem familiar, you should look at renting a storage unit.

You have an entire room dedicated to storing boxes of stuff

Having a spare room is an exciting prospect when you move into a house. But filling it with seldom-used items probably wasn’t what you had in mind. So why deny yourself that feeling of excitement? Take control of your spare room and rent a storage unit. This is an effective approach for two reasons. Firstly, it is a great chance to sort through your possessions and pack them properly. By doing so, you can work out what you are likely to use, and what you no longer need. Secondly, it will give you an opportunity to move your belongings out of the house altogether. That will leave you with the spare room you had dreamed of at the start.

Your benches are overrun

Almost everyone has at least some bench space dedicated to a small stack of indiscriminate items. But over time, these stacks can grow. Before you know it, you might have no bench space left at all. If your kitchen bench is a sea of papers, stationary or other objects, then you might need to take action. Storage units are the perfect place to store almost anything. From documents and stationary, to kitchen utensils and clothes, you storage unit is the key to space maximisation.

Things are stacked dangerously around your house

Are your shelves stacked precariously with assorted items? If so, something has to give. Stacking things above head height can be dangerous at the best of times. But as your stacks grow, so too does the risk of something falling and injuring you. One solution is to buy larger or more stable shelving. However this approach can very easily result in a similar situation in the future. If you rent a storage unit, you can move rarely used items out of your house and reserve that space for a smaller number of items that you use more regularly.

Your garage doesn’t fit your car anymore

Garages are one of the first areas that we lose to clutter. An overflowing shelf quickly becomes overflowing shelves, and before long our cars are parked on the street. If this sounds familiar, you should consider a storage unit. Move those old tools and items of furniture to a storage unit and keep the garage for your cars. Not only will this feel better, but it will also protect your vehicles.

You can’t find things around the house

Are you looking for something that you swear you saw recently, but simply cannot find? If so, that thing has probably fallen victim to the clutter. Sometimes, clutter seems to swallow your belongings and transport them somewhere else entirely. But if you take the time to pack your things and move them to a storage unit, you will probably be amazed at what you find. So what not give it a go; rent a storage unit, sort your things, pack them up and enjoy your newfound abundance of living space. When clutter leaves your home, useable and enjoyable space takes its place.

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