How to Choose a Storage Unit | Step by Step Instructions
May 22, 2019

how to choose a storage unit

Storage units are the most time-tested and effective way to rid your life of clutter. Got some stuff you don’t know what to do with? A storage unit is your first port of call! However, there are lots available. Across the state, there are countless storage units up for rent. Some are great; others are not so great. A lot of the time, though, it’s hard to tell.

That’s why we’ve put together this step by step list of instructions on how to choose a storage unit. With these tips and some investigative spirit, you can find the right storage unit for you. Choosing the right storage unit is important because quality storage is the only way to keep your belongings safe. Choose the wrong storage unit, and you might retrieve your possessions in a much different state than you left them.

Before you choose a storage unit, do your research! Here’s how to get the info you need

Research is key with pretty much all commitments. And unsurprisingly, storage units are no different! Doing some detailed research will often reveal a lot about a storage facility. Storage forums, review websites, and online chatter will often carry secrets that could make or break your decision. We suggest putting in an hour or two on the web before you make a commitment.

Once you’ve got a shortlist, look at what they offer in terms of size. Here’s why that’s important

Your web time will likely help you produce a shortlist. Once you’ve got a shortlist, it’s time to get ruthless. Remember, only the best will do for you! The first thing to look for is room specs: what size storage units does each facility offer? Choosing the right size room will be a key factor in getting the best value for money. If you overshoot, you could end up with a storage unit that’s bigger and more expensive than you need.

Storage units should be safe from the weather – here’s how you can tell

The whole point of self-storage is security. And that includes security from the weather. So you should have complete confidence that your possessions are safe in a storage unit before you commit. But how do you know which storage unit to choose in that regard? Well, first you should look at the general condition. Are there any blocked drains, or rusty gutters that could enable water damage? If so, move on to your next option. But that’s not all to consider. Also, think about freak weather events. If there’s a once in a generation flood, will your storage unit go under? There’s no need to get too pessimistic, but it is worth thinking about worst case scenarios.

How about security? How to tell if your storage unit is secure from intrusion

Another important factor in your choice of storage unit is general security. Are your possessions safe from theft, vandalism, and arson? Those are the three main issues that may confront an insecure storage facility. So before you make your choice, consider things like CCTV, locking mechanisms, security patrols, and lighting. Does the storage unit look like an attractive and easy target for criminals? If so, we recommend finding another!

Finally, ask questions! Before you commit to a storage unit, make sure you know how they work

If your storage unit has made it this far, well done! You now know how to choose a storage unit. But there’s one last step remains: ask questions. Before you book, ask your storage unit providers what security measures they have in place. Ask them about accessibility, contract terms, and prices. Ask them anything you want to! You’re the customer, and you have the right to expect quality service and secure storage.

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