How to purge yourself of excess items
December 18, 2013

People typically only sort their trash from their treasure when they move home or put items into self-storage. Unfortunately sorting through all this clutter can be a real challenge, not to mention time consuming. Most people have too much clutter collected anyways and keep things they really shouldn’t or no longer need. In the spirit of not letting your possessions own you, ALL SIZE SHEDS share some strategies to help purge yourself of excess items in our latest post.


Go into the process knowing that your aim is to reduce the clutter and excess items that you have in the home. This might mean there are there might be some tough decisions to make especially with larger items that take up more space.


Too many people attach sentimental meaning to items that they really shouldn’t. The fact is that every item you have will have some memory attached to but not all of these are significant enough to hold onto for years on end. Bunches of Christmas and birthday cards from years past are just cluttering up your life, whereas photos from your wedding day or graduation have actual sentimental value.

If there are items that you really can’t part with, but no longer have the space for, renting a small storage unit can be a perfect solution. Just remember that you’ll eventually have to repeat the process here otherwise you’ll never truly be able to de-clutter your home.


Holding a garage sale can be a great way to reward yourself for purging your excess items. Odds and ends, collectibles, old books, extra CD’s and DVD’s will all be snapped up for cheap prices and you’ll be receiving a financial benefit that can go towards something new that you actually need.

For larger items with a higher value like furniture, gumtree and other online listing directories can be a great place to sell and get some pocket money. And for old clothes, crockery, china and other household items, Lifeline and other op shops are always looking for good quality donations.


When assessing which items to keep or throw/donate we always suggest taking the one year test. If you haven’t used it, looked at it or appreciated it in the last year it’s time to shed yourself of this excess item.

Here at All Size Sheds, we know the importance of making moving easy. As the smooth move specialists we have a range of self-storage options to suit all budgets and needs. Call us today on (07) 5534 7181

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