The household clutter zones (Part 1 – The Wardrobe)
March 25, 2014

Each room of the home presents its own challenge for organisation and clutter and there’s no doubt that some areas are typically more problematic than others. Australian de-cluttering Guru Peter Walsh who has made waves in the US for his practical organisation advice, has appeared on a number of TV programmes including Oprah, and is the author of bestselling books on the topic. Walsh has identified some of these clutter problem zones in the average family home and explains why people struggle to part with their belongings. We examine the wardrobe in more detail below in part 1 of our household clutter problem zones, brought to you by ALL SIZE SHEDS

The messy wardrobe

People often have an oversupply of clothes and an undersupply of space. Our need for the latest fashions, and our desire for a good bargain ultimately leaves people with more clothes that they ever wear or know what to do with.

Instead of being confined to the wardrobe, these often spill out into other areas of the bedroom. People also fall into the 80/20 rule with their clothes where they regularly wear 20 per cent of their wardrobe 80 per cent of the time. This leaves people with a lot of extra clothing items that they are unlikely to ever wear. But why do people hold onto these? The cause is that people accumulate more clothes at a higher rate than they are worn out, or ever bother to throw out.

Tips to organise and de-clutter the wardrobe:

  • Clear EVERYTHING out of your closet and sort the most loved items from the ones that don’t look good anymore or you haven’t worn in over a year.
  • Only put back the garments, shoes, belts and other accessories that are regularly worn or that you particularly like. If this doesn’t create more space, repeat the process and be more ruthless. Give away all unwanted clothes to charity or put into storage.
  • Group clothes by garment types. E.g pants, shirts, formalwear or by use work, casual, formal etc.
  • Take a picture of your newly organised and de-cluttered wardrobe and stick it to the door to remind you how good a neat and organised wardrobe looks and feels.

People often struggle with organising their wardrobe and shedding extra unworn garments since they are attached to an idea that the certain ‘look’ or style will come back in fashion, or they will one day fit into a smaller fitting piece. Often this day never comes, and unless the garment is a unique high quality piece from a much loved designer, often these pieces could be easily and affordably replaced if needed.  Peter Walsh recommends choosing one favourite piece of clothing that doesn’t fit to keep as motivation and shedding the rest.

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