How to Store Antiques in a Self Storage Unit
March 20, 2019

Antiques are absolutely full of character; that’s why we love them so much. But that character was almost invariably gained over the course of a long, and sometimes hard life. Every crack, scratch, colour change, and texture is usually attributable to some event in the distant past. And as much as we love our antiques for that character, it’s not normally something we want to make much contribution to. That’s why we always try and store antiques carefully. But what if you need to reclaim a bit of space around the house? Some of those antiques may be first in line for a stint in self storage. That then begs the question: how should you store antiques in self storage?

There some extra steps to take before you store timber antiques – here’s how to do it properly

Of all the antiques in the world, a fair proportion are timber. Timber is well known for its ability to stand the test of time. But there are a few contingencies. If timber isn’t cared for, its ability to last decades at a time may slip away quickly. That’s why we have a few tips for storing timber antiques. First, make sure they’re in good condition before they’re stored. Even consider getting them professionally reconditioned if you have to. Any damage, however minor, will degrade further if left to its own devices in storage. Secondly, make sure temperatures are even, and cool. Any sudden changes can cause the timber to swell, or contract, which can split it.

Antique art is challenging to store: it’s vital to know how to do it before packing it away

Art is perhaps the greatest of the antique storage challenges. Of course, that does depend on the type of art though. Some antique art, such as certain sculptures, are very durable and will have no problem in self storage. Other varieties of antique art, such as paintings, are not quite so hardwearing. If you have an antique painting, you should get it appraised and insured before sending it to self storage. That’s a great opportunity to work out, among other things, what it’s composed of. If its canvas, there are certain techniques, such as rolling, that might be applicable. If it’s paper, it might be better off in its frame. These are all questions to ask, and you’ll need to do a fair bit of research to get it right.

Antique furniture often contains leather materials: this is how to store them correctly

Leather is another interesting, and organic material often found in antiques. It’s also the subject of many questions on how to store antiques. When it comes to leather furniture, our advice is, first, to ensure that the leather can breathe. Leather does not cope well under plastic, so avoid that at all costs! Secondly, ensure there is no direct sunlight. In self storage, that’s not likely to be an issue. Finally, only store leather antiques in top shelf self storage facilities; you don’t want any pests damaging your prized antiques!

Want to know how to store other antiques? Try contacting antiques experts if you’re unsure

Every antique is different, and each one deserves a comfortable, uneventful stretch in self storage. To make sure that’s what your antiques get, you should contact experts and ask how best to store yours. We’ve given you a handy overview here, but it’s just a starting point. There’re sure to be plenty of antiques that fall through the cracks, and the experts can help you avoid any damage.

Generally, the best way to store antiques is in cool, dark, and dry conditions

Finally, before you send your antiques to self storage, make sure the facilities are excellent! Antiques are the ultimate challenge for self storage facilities, so you should contact the pros and make sure your unit is up to the challenge.

For more useful storage tips, contact us.

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