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January 28, 2016

All Size Sheds

Why should blokes have all the fun hiding out in their man caves in the back storage shed. Women of Australia unite and claim your lady lair. Whether it’s a backyard storage shed or a shipping container, a Lady Lair allows you to create your own retreat away from the hectic, busy demands of life, work, family and domestic drudgery.

What’s hot in Lady Lairs?

Use your Lady Lair to relax, get creative, study, store shoes or even exercise. It sure beats the cost and stress of a home renovation to claim a bit of space for yourself. Imagine your very own lair where it’s all about you. That’s right, no compromise and no negotiating for space, wall colours or tidiness. When you’re done in your Lady Lair, you can just walk out and shut the door without worrying that the kids, husband or dog will knock over your latest painting masterpiece or spread your study notes throughout the kitchen.

Setting up your affordable woman space

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a fit out you can keep it simple or glam it up. It’s totally up to your design taste. It’s your Lady Lair after all. Talk to us about the best shed for the job. We can help you figure out dimensions, storage options, features, lighting and ventilation solutions tailored to your needs. Talk to an expert before you start – as a quick conversion or a new, affordable shed can make all the difference to your enjoyment of your new space.

Décor ideas to pretty up your storage shed

Some suggestions to turn your home storage into a fully functional Lady Lair

  • Throw down a jute mat and drape the walls with some sarongs or old sari material. Add a yoga mat and a few floor cushions then light some incense in your very own yoga and meditation studio.
  • Cover the floor with some utility carpet from the hardware, hang a full length mirror from the wall then lug in all of that unused exercise equipment collecting dust and clothing around the house. Crank up some inspiration tunes on your smart phone and you’ve got your very own home gym.
  • A comfy old couch, a few scatter cushions, your favourite rug and some shelving units and you have your very own private library and reading room. BYO mug of cocoa.
  • If you study or work from home you can get some valuable work life separation by turning your Lady Lair into a fully functional office or study area and deck it out with things that inspire you to work smarter rather than harder. Whether you draw your inspiration from crystals, you’re a neat freak or you love the messy look of organised chaos – when you’re in your lair no-one can judge you.
  • Some shelving units, a desk and some plastic storage tub and you can have your very own sewing room or art studio.

Your Lady Lair is limited only by your own imagination. Talk to All Size Sheds for ideas and options for making a regular old storage shed into your favourite space. After all, you’re a superwoman, don’t you deserve a secret lair all your own?

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