Moving House with Kids – Storage Ideas
January 25, 2016

All Size Sheds

Moving house with kids can be traumatic, stressful and a downright nightmare if you’re not prepared! Not only are emotions running high for you, for kids, this is one of the biggest changes that can happen in a little life! Your children also feed off your stress levels while you are trying to get everything packed and ready to move house. Avoid losing precious items, accidental breaks and total breakdowns by preparing yourself to move house with kids. Here are five clever ways to better manage your storage and to make it a happier event!

1. Pack toys slowly, and keep the special ones out until last

It can be tempting to pack the things that seem to make the most clutter, which are almost always toys! However, packing them will inevitably result in kids crying for toys (even those untouched for years) and you digging through boxes to find them. Your child’s whole world has been turned upside down. They may be feeling an unreasonable attachment to their space and their things. It’s understandable… and very annoying when you’re busy!

Pack toys slowly. Allow kids to help you by creating their own boxes where they can be sure that their precious things are all safe and sound. Leave their special toys out until last. They will realise on moving day that if they don’t take them they will be left behind!

2. Let them draw and play with boxes

Children young and old can do this one. Let them decorate their bedroom’s boxes with stickers and markers. Have them construct with a couple of empty boxes. It will keep them busy and you sane. It will also make moving simpler, the boxes covered in Disney Princesses? They go to the child’s room!

3. Keep out their favourite DVDs

Moving day can be pretty boring for kids and often there isn’t much they can do to help. Leave out their favourite DVDs and plenty of snacks to keep them entertained. Make up a moving day kit – and be sure that their most precious things are there. Make a special place for it in the car so they can see that they’ve never been separated from that special teddy or blanket. This will help with them feel connection and continuity even though big changes are happening all around them.

4. Talk about moving in a positive way

If your children see you stressing about the move, they will stress too. Discuss with them why you are moving, what positive impact it will make for your family, and if possible, drive past the new house or let them pick their bedrooms before they move in.

5. Have a surprise at the new house

There’s a lot of to and fro during a move, and children can find themselves surrounded by busy people moving and nothing for them to do. Have a few new toys for them to play with when they arrive at the new house. It will help them feel excited about the move and keep them out of your hair while you shift heavy items and begin to unpack boxes. Talk about how great it will be to have a new room. Talk about where they’ll put their books, toys, clothes… help them realise that the new space is their space.

Moving can be manageable with kids if you stay organised with your storage and a step ahead. If you need shipping containers or a safe, secure space to store precious items away before, during or after moving house.

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