Don’t fall victim to moving scams in Australia
January 27, 2014

Moving house is a stressful (and expensive) enough process without falling victim to one of the many moving scams. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t stop the unscrupulous removalists out there who a ready to quote you a very attractive price and then hold your belonging hostage until you cough up extra.

When it comes to using a removalist, you need to keep your wits about you and select your company very carefully. In terms of pricing, check against other removalists, and if the price sounds too good to be true, then it usually always is. We explain some other red flags to watch out for which can indicate a renegade removalist in this post.


A low rate and quick timeframe is used to lure in customers who believe they’ve found a bargain. This quote is almost always given over the phone or email without gaining information or seeing what they will actually be moving. The removalists will then show up, load your belongings and then say it will take longer than they predicted to move because you had a lot of things, and you’ll need to pay a lot extra for the work. This is one of the most common, however not the only moving scam. Some removalists will not pay for damages, some charge by the hour and then deliberately take their time to complete the work. There are, however some ways to indicate if the moving company you are considering are actually a team of cowboy removalists.

Red flags to indicate a dodgy removalist

– They demand cash only payment before the move or a large deposit. Most reputable removalists will only collect payment upon completion of the job.

– No evidence of a contract that you can sign which indicates pricing structures and what your move includes.

– They don’t have their own branded trucks but instead use rental trucks. The condition of the truck can also be a good indication of how the care they will take with your belongings.

– Does the removalist company have a website? If not it can be a warning that they are a fly by night operator who will quickly disappear. It’s also important to check that there is a business address on the website instead of a P.O box. If there are no licensing or insurance information on their site it can be another red flag.

 (Note: One red flag does not necessarily mean it’s a dodgy removalist however it means you should assess other factors and use your good judgement before using the company.)

Finally it’s important to get a copy of the signed contract or other details which spells out the claims process and what’s included in the move. Do your research into companies online including reading reviews and ask real estate companies and those in the storage facilities industry like the team at All Size Sheds for their recommended list of reputable movers. We can provide advice of moving companies we can vouch for here on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads.  Call us today (07) 5534 7181

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