Secure? Not all Gold Coast Self Storage Units are Equal!
August 5, 2016

Secure? Not all Gold Coast Self Storage Units are Equal!

One of the biggest concerns that people have when it comes to self storage units is security. After all, these are your prized possessions and belongings and having them away from the security of your home may give you the feeling you are putting these possessions at risk of being stolen or damaged. Not all Gold Coast self storage is equal, and some providers are definitely safer than others. However, self storage units can be a fantastic and convenient way to store your treasured possessions when moving home or when you want to make more space in your existing one. Knowing what security measures to look out for when choosing a self storage unit will give you peace of mind and you will sleep better knowing your items are in a safe place.

What security measures should I look for in a self storage unit?

You should be able to tick all the security boxes before choosing your Gold Coast self storage unit. Here’s what you should be able to check off your list:

  • Fencing: Does your self storage unit have appropriate fencing around the outside of the space? Not only is fencing a visual deterrent but it also allows for access to members only.
  • Electronic entry: Make sure your self storage facility has a sophisticated electronic entry system. This way, only those using the space will be allowed in and you will feel secure going into your own self storage unit during the day or night.
  • Surveillance cameras: Check that your facility has numerous surveillance cameras. They are a huge deterrent to thieves and in the case of theft, make it much easier to identify and catch criminals in the act.
  • A caretaker: All the fancy electronic security measures certainly are important. However, the impact of a physical presence is always a great measure of security. Check if the self storage facility you are considering has a live-in caretaker, that is someone who is around 24/7 to ensure the facility runs smoothly and that nobody suspicious is entering or exiting the space.

What about keeping my possessions safe from environmental harm?

It might sound a bit strange, but security for self storage at the Gold Coast isn’t just about locks and surveillance. It’s important to make sure your property is also secure from the elements. Particularly with Gold Coast weather, you want to make sure your secure storage facility is of the highest standards when it comes to withstanding a humid environment. Here’s what a top-notch facility will provide so you will know your belongings will be safe from environmental damage:

  • Pest control: Pests can completely ruin what you have in storage if you aren’t careful. It only takes a few bed bugs, fleas, mice, termites or other creepy crawlies to ruin your favourite pieces of furniture, electronics, clothing or photo albums. A good storage facility will be able to specify the exact pest control plan they have in place. It should be regular and done by a pest control professional.
  • Quality built storage units: With torrential rains and high winds, moisture can be a serious problem in some Gold Coast self storage units, and storage units that aren’t built to the highest quality can be susceptible to leakage and moisture build-up, ruining your belongings completely. Check your storage facility prides itself on self storage units that are built tough and inspect the unit for any evidence of storm or water damage.

All Size Sheds offer excellent, fully secure self storage at the Gold Coast. Contact us for your quote and price match guarantee today!



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