Shipping container storage

The superior flexibility of shipping containers is central to their popularity as modern storage solutions. Not only this but all of our containers are new or near new meaning they in very good condition. This ensures the secure storage of your possessions from potential thieves and a safeguard from creepy crawlies that like to prey on your possessions.


  • Our shipping containers are onsite: You bring your possessions to be stored and pack them into your container onsite. The container is kept onsite where it is secure and you can access it at your leisure with your electronic pass. This is a great choice for those moving as arrangements can be made to ship the container as is.

All of our containers are available for both short and long term lease. We can offer fantastic deals on long-term container leases.

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Shipping container solutions

4 Bedroom Storage

10ft Shipping Container.

Also available in 2.8m heights

3 Bedroom House storage

20ft Shipping Container.

Also available in 2.8m heights

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