Spring savings at All Size Sheds
November 21, 2012

Do you feel like your home is starting to resemble an episode of Hoarders? Stressing out about the in-laws’ impending arrival for Christmas and needing to clean out the spare room? It is not easy to get motivated to start spring cleaning; however, every problem has a solution – All Size Sheds is offering extra incentive to reward you for your spring cleaning efforts!

You can rest assured that your belongings will be safely, securely stored on our gated premises with 24 hour security camera surveillance and the additional peace of mind provided by super secured facilities. Our storage facilities are maintained to a high standard, providing a clean, regularly fumigated, pest-free environment, with the convenience of 24 hour access. We provide multiple self storage solutions to accommodate your specific storage requirements, including offsite storage in our transportable shipping containers, allowing regular access to your possessions.

At All Size Sheds we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and our price match guarantee. If you require advice on which storage solution would match your specific requirements, our friendly, helpful staff are happy to provide you with the advice you need.

With summer looming, why not take the opportunity to store away your winter wardrobe, ski equipment and heaters, along with those possessions that cause unnecessary clutter that you are not prepared to part with. A great solution for that pre-Christmas stress, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the festive season!

No problems – just solutions at All Size Sheds!

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