Storage Solutions – How To Start An Online Boutique
February 3, 2016

All Size Sheds

When researching how to start an online boutique, there is one key detail that often gets overlooked…storage space!

Advance planning and clever storage solutions are imperative for any online boutique business owner. Read on to find out how you can avoid falling into the trap of waiting until your house is bursting at the seams before taking action!

A unique challenge for online business owners

Online stores have many benefits, as well as challenges, in comparison with their storefront counterparts.

Having no rent and overheads to pay, being able to reach potential customers from all over the world (and doing so from the comfort of your own home!) are greatly advantageous for those looking to make a profitable business from an online boutique.

There are, however, some potential drawbacks, and one of them is storage space. As your business venture grows, so will the amount of stock you will require on hand. What may start out as a few boxes in your spare room could quickly snowball into a mass of chaos and confusion!

So how do you start an online boutique, sans the clutter?

Storage solutions for online boutiques

Storage sheds can be an ideal solution for the home business. Whether you want to keep a storage container at your home, or store your goods at a secure facility for you to access at your leisure, there is an option suited to everyone.

Self storage companies offer safe storage options at their premises, with gated facilities that ensure your goods are secure.

If you prefer to keep your products at your home, but don’t have the space indoors, a mobile storage container can be delivered to you and rented on a long term basis.

Self storage sheds offer a flexible, safe and affordable way of storing your products, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs.

As your business grows, your storage options can too!

Protecting your assets – store your online boutique stock safely

It is rarely a good idea to store your work stock in your house or garage. Apart from the obvious lack of space, there are additional reasons to consider storing your stock independent of your home.

  • Workplace productivity is shown to be improved in environments free of clutter. Allow your business to thrive with an organised home and work space. No one wants to live and work surrounded by boxes and chaos!
  • Inventory – Keeping track of your stock is almost impossible without an orderly workspace. Keep track of all of your incoming and outgoing stock with a tidy, spacious area that is easily accessible.
  • Little hands, thieves and exposure to the elements are among the possible hazards that are best kept far away from your store stock! Get peace of mind from knowing it is stored in a safe and secure location.

If you are considering how to start an online boutique without cluttering your home, look no further than self-storage sheds! Your household will thank you for not filling their spaces with stock.

Our top tip on how to start an online boutique? The key is storage! Call All Size Sheds today to learn more.

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