What can be done to secure self-storage units?
February 6, 2016

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Storing your possessions offsite has an abundance of significant advantages and allows you to maintain a neat and orderly workspace or living space. One of the primary sources of offsite storage is a self-storage unit and these can be invaluable in the storage of bulky or cumbersome items that do not fit tidily into your existing storage solutions. A common misconception in relation to units of this nature however, is that they do not offer sufficient security. Fortunately this is not an accurate perception, although there are a number of security features that more reputable storage providers will offer, that some lower quality operators might not provide. When selecting a facility in which to hire a secure self-storage unit, it would be prudent to consider the security thereof and a number of features that will help in selecting your ideal facility, are outlined in this guide.

Onsite security measures

When evaluating a variety of storage facilities, their onsite security measures ought to be at the forefront of your mind. The steps taken by the company in question will determine exactly how safe your possessions are and as such, one of your priorities should be finding a storage provider capable of offering your goods optimal security. There are a number of ways in which they might achieve this and several of the more pertinent of these are listed below

  • Fencing

An effective fencing network is the first means of defence and will often safeguard storage units from opportunistic trespassers. When investigating prospective storage compounds, enquire as to the security of their fencing and inspect the entry points for signs of damage or forced entry. These can often suggest that the facility has been targeted before and might indicate that their exterior security measures are inadequate. Not only do large, well-maintained fences and gates act as a physical barrier, they also act as an effective visual deterrent and have the propensity to greatly enhance an establishment’s security. As such, they are an important feature to bear in mind.

  • Surveillance

Similarly to fencing, surveillance cameras act as an effective visual deterrent and ensure the constant monitoring of your self-storage unit. Studies have shown that the presence of surveillance cameras is capable of drastically reducing the rate of opportunistic crimes and this is something to consider when inspecting a possible self-storage unit. It might also benefit you to make an enquiry with regard to the distribution of the cameras across the compound and the storage life of all footage obtained.

  • Onsite attendants

There is no security substitute for employee presence within the facility and storage businesses that offer security patrols, the constant attendance of employees or even live-in caretakers are ideal. It is undeniable that, whilst effective, fences, cameras and even sporadic security patrols have the capacity to miss vital indications of criminal interference. A caretaker or attendant, however, will be intrinsically familiar with their environment and are far more likely to observe anything out of the ordinary. If something were to occur, they would also be there to contact the relevant emergency services and take immediate action to protect your belongings.

Environmental security

Security can mean more than just safety from criminals – there are many other external factors that can have a negative impact on your self-storage unit. Many people choose to store their goods in facilities of this nature for a prolonged period of time and this has a number of inherent shortcomings with regard to the condition of their items.

  • Pests

Pests are arguably the more prominent of issues pertaining to self-storage units and are often responsible for extensively damaging stored goods. In particular, rodents and insects are capable of chewing through a majority of fabrics and this can be an issue in storage units that are not adequately maintained by lessees and owners. It is advisable that you consult prospective storage providers prior to hiring a unit, so as to ascertain the extent to which they manage pests in their facilities. Quality self-storage businesses will conduct frequent pest control when units are unoccupied and this will ensure that you get a clean, pest free unit in which to store your moveables.

  • Moisture

Self-storage units with leaks are often responsible for the destruction of the goods that are stored within. Water damage can affect almost all products and storing your possessions in a leaky storage unit has the potential to ruin them irreparably and incur considerable costs in doing so. This is where the inspection of the unit is most important and this step will guarantee that you find the best and most secure self-storage unit.

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