What Can You Store In Climate Controlled Self Storage?
July 30, 2020

Climate Controlled Self Storage

Our modern world is filled with items of incredible variety, each built in a unique way, and with particular materials to achieve its purpose. Unfortunately, the materials used in some products require certain conditions to remain in good condition, with humidity and extreme temperatures liable to warp them, crack them, or completely destroy them. This is where climate controlled self storage comes in.

But what are the items most suited to climate controlled self storage? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common.


When a material is subject to temperature changes, it shrinks and grows. This is why old houses creak in the dead of night—it’s not a dastardly poltergeist wreaking havoc upon your home, but instead, the wood of your floorboards slightly shrinking. As the sun comes and goes, the temperature changes that result can cause all sorts of things to stretch and shrink, with artwork one of the things most susceptible to damage. Throw humidity into the mix, and you have conditions that can create flaky, chipped artwork with little patches of mould throughout.


When a bottle of wine is subject to high temperatures, the heat of the liquid can push the cork out of the bottle, with oxygen allowed to pervade the liquid and spoil it. The ideal temperature for wine is between 12ºC to 14ºC, no matter the colour or grape variety. If you’re wanting to store wine long term, climate controlled self storage is one of the best ways to do so.


Printed photographs are susceptible to the high temperatures and humidity, which can cause permanent damage and destroy your precious memories. Photographs should be stored below 24ºC and in a room with little moisture, to preserve them for as long as possible.

Books and magazines

Water and paper doesn’t mix. If your books or magazines are stored in an environment with consistently high humidity, the pages may start to warp and turn yellow. 

If the temperature gets high enough (it hit 42.9ºC in Brisbane last year)1 the glue that binds a book’s pages can start to melt, and the only thing that it’ll be good for is the bin.

Vinyl records

Vinyl records have seen a resurgence of late, with sales in Australia overtaking CDs—the technology that usurped them2. As more people collect vinyl, they’ll need to know how to properly store their records long term, so that they remain in top condition.

As with the other items in this list, vinyl records can become damaged with high temperatures and humidity. To preserve vinyl effectively, it should be stored in a climate controlled room with a temperature of between 18ºC to 21ºC, and with low humidity levels.

Delicate clothing

Mould thrives on high humidity, and if you have expensive and delicate clothing that you’re trying to preserve, you’d do well to store it in a room with low humidity levels.


As with clothing, mould can find its way into electronics if humidity levels are too high, as well as corrode more easily. With the combination of a climate controlled room and silica gel packets, you’ll be able to keep humidity levels nice and low.


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