Where can you get boxes for moving?
November 20, 2013

Boxes are a must have for moving house or when storing items in a self-storage facility. Not only will they make the most of space, allowing to be neatly stacked, boxes are useful for transporting items easily, while keeping everything together. But where can you get boxes for moving easily and better yet, for free? All Size Sheds share some hot moving tips for finding boxes before your next move.

Where to Find Free Boxes

You can pick up pre-used boxes for free from supermarkets and other larger department stores. Just make you get in at the right time of day before they are flattened. They usually have a good range of different sizes, however the boxes cereals are packed in are some of the biggest and strongest. Large liquor outlets will also have boxes and some of these (wine or spirit boxes) even have cell dividers in place. Many users in online moving forums has many people recommending French fries boxes from McDonalds or other fast food outlets as some of the strongest and most  durable for moving.

Another place to find free boxes in on online notice boards and sites like Gumtree and Craig List. Many people have recently moved themselves and are keen to get rid of their boxes and when you’re done with the boxes, you can carry on the tradition and share the love.

Even if the boxes you find are collapsed they can still be pushed back into shape and made three dimensional once more with packing tape.


•    Be careful with produce boxes as these often don’t provide the strength and have become damp from moisture. The flaps underneath the box also can easily collapse. Inspect before use!

•    For packing books you’ll need plenty of smaller boxes due to the accumulated weight. This will also save your back!

•    If finding free boxes proves to be a challenge you can buy used boxes for a cheap price on the Box N Go used Boxes Website. You can even list a free ad to sell them yourself when you are finished with them.

When you’re all packed and ready to go and need extra space for all your belongings, call All Size Sheds here on the Gold Coast for a range of affordable self-storage solutions.
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