Why self storage? | 8 reasons why self storage is useful
August 9, 2021
It’s amazing how quickly clutter can build up as we accumulate more belongings over the years. And eventually, it can cause a mess, increase your stress levels, and stop you from finding what you need when you need it. Using a storage facility has a range of benefits, and in terms of who uses self storage, it ranges from individuals who want to free up space at home to businesses who may be up-sizing or relocating. Here are eight reasons why using self storage is so valuable.

For personal use

1. It’s convenient

Self-storage gives you the freedom to store belongings — from seldom-used to more valuable items — without the inconvenience of having to reshuffle items to access them. It also alleviates the worry of having treasured possessions being damaged or stolen. Self-storage facilities are managed by expert staff that will assist you with accessing items whenever you need to 24/7.

2. It’s practical

If you are transitioning between homes, self-storage can save you the hassle of moving all of your belongings at once from one property into another. It is particularly valuable if there is a time delay between moves. For example, if you are building a new home and need to rent until your new home is ready. If you’re heading into your retirement years, it is also a great solution for the downsizing process. It allows you time to consider what you will keep and what you will sell, donate or re-gift.

3. It reduces clutter

Many items can become clutter over time and take up space that can be used for other things. Self-storage is ideal for storing items like clothing, appliances and furniture that you might be considering selling or donating. It also helps alleviate the habit of hoarding — one that is easy to take on as belongings accumulate over the years.

4. It’s secure

Most modern storage units use advanced technology that offers robust security, particularly for valuable items like antiques, much-loved family mementoes and sensitive documents like wills, mortgage documents, insurance policies, banking information and tax returns.

Facilities typically include secure gates and electronic surveillance, and entry is often only possible with the use of a sophisticated electronic pass system. Here at All Size Sheds, we also have a live-in caretaker to provide that next level of security.

For business

5. It enhances office space

Office space these days can be expensive to own or rent, so self-storage allows you to consider a smaller office space by storing non-essential items externally. This includes archives, products and samples, stock overflow and seasonal stock. Self-storage can also be more cost-effective than renting an extra room or office.

6. It allows for expansion

If you are relocating your office, self-storage allows you to potentially save on freight costs, particularly if you are moving into a smaller premises. It can free up space as you can store unused furniture, office equipment and bulky filing cabinets and access them easily when needed.

7. It protects valuable documents

By law, businesses must keep records, and if not stored safely and securely, it may affect your ability to claim business deductions, accurately report your business income, and meet other super, tax and employer obligations. If some of these records are in paper form, it’s vital they are protected, and self-storage can assist with not only security issues like fraud but with unforeseen circumstances like fires and floods.

8. It’s flexible

With the ever-changing nature of business these days (particularly with the impacts of COVID-19), flexibility is vital in terms of business operations. Self-storage can provide secure off-site premises where business assets — from furniture to “intellectual property” — can be kept as the business landscape fluctuates.


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