Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers
May 25, 2014

Shipping containers made into modern and innovative office space in Providence, Rhode Island

The humble shipping container has been reimagined in many weird and wonderful ways. They’ve been referred to as Lego for adults, and it’s great to see these robust and strong containers be granted a new lease of life in many innovative uses.

From homes, offices, on site storage and other unique conversions, the shipping container might seem boring or ugly to some, but others with a little design vision have adopted some remarkable and attractive conversions from shipping containers.

Homes and Offices

Around the world there have been several shipping containers converted into makeshift offices and even relocated to different sites as needed. This container stack of offices above takes the cake for shipping containers though. Located in Providence, Rhode Island the lego style shipping container stack offers several funky office spaces for the emerging and burgeoning high tech and start up sector.

Many eco-friendly homes have also been created from one or more shipping containers. While they may not be huge or grand, they only cost a fraction of the price and can be surprisingly attractive and eye catching when the right design sensibilities are applied. Check out this beautiful home in Vermont where sustainable and eco-friendly shipping containers have enabled a multi storey design.

Shipping container homes are becoming more popular, affordable and available in a number of eco-friendly designs


Christchurch’s Container City Shopping Precinct

After the devastating 2011 earthquakes tore through the CBD of Christchurch, all the businesses and shops in the CBD were forced to relocate out of the still dangerous red zone which was cordoned off to the public. What resulted was a shipping container city which sprung up seemingly overnight where the retailers of the city quickly relocated to and became a temporary yet very vibrant commercial heart of the city.

Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets

Brisbane’s newest market, the Eat Street Markets in the riverside suburb of Hamilton have taken advantage of their port side position to offload more than 50 shipping containers to be used  in a hip shipping container village which comes alive after dark. It’s become a much loved feature of the city, and the unique feel can be largely attributed to the containers themselves!

Flexible and Smart Storage

The storage potential and compact nature of a shipping container means they have been designed with storage in mind. At All Size Sheds we understand this potential.  That’s why we can supply the most flexible storage solution available and deliver shipping container storage for extra offsite storage at your property. We also have great rates on our onsite shipping containers and are one of the most affordable and secure storage solutions available.

To find out more about renting a shipping container storage solution to use in any way that you can imagine call ALL SIZE SHEDS today on (07) 5534 7181.

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